The anti-pull system, an educational tool

Walk with your dog on a leash is a positive part of your daily life with your dog, but a dog who does not respect walking on a leash by constantly pulling can make your walk more challenging. The anti-pull system is an accessory on the harness to train your dog to walk. It is used as an occasional educational tool to teach your dog to walk on a leash.

Adjusting the harness

The harness is placed by the neck and then closes on itself with its side buckles. For educational “anti-pull” use, we advise you to adjust the straps as close as possible to the dog (but not too tightly) to ensure good stability during the tensioning phase of the leash on the harness.

The attachment 

The anti-pull attachment point is located on the front part of the harness, specifically on the dog’s chest. When attaching your leash to the metal D-ring, it is important that your leash forms a “U” between you and your dog without passing between its legs or above its neck, so that it does not hurt your dog.

For your dog….

The purpose of the “anti-pull” system is to make the dog understand how to walk well next to you without creating tension on the leash. If the dog starts walking too far in front of you, the leash will create lateral tension on the harness and position the dog in the opposite direction of walking, so that it will be advised to return to your foot.

If, despite the anti-pull attachment system, a dog keeps pulling hard when walking, we recommend that you contact a professional dog trainer to assist you in training your dog to walk on a leash.

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