Walking the dog is an important daily ritual because dogs need to release their energy every day. An active dog is a healthy dog, its training is essential, but so is its equipment!

Collar or harness?

In both cases, the choice of equipment will depend on the dog’s behaviour on a leash and its pulling power during the walk.

The collar is suitable for dogs that pull a little or not at all. Otherwise, the harness is more suitable for dogs exerting a constant pulling force when walking with a leash, by transferring the pressure to the chest instead of the trachea and thus reduce any risk of neck injury.

The harness  spreads the pressure all along the body for an optimal comfort. Its geometric construction lets the dog free of moving by keeping shoulders and shoulder blades free, thus minimizing friction on pressure areas. We may advise you to use a harness with an anti-pull system by placing the leash on the buckle sited at chest (see our tutorial How to use anti-pull on a harness).

The harness is recommended for dogs that already have tracheal problems or may develop one, especially dogs with short snouts.

Momentum Harness